Margarita & Natalia Guzman
Name: Margarita & Natalia Guzman
Nationality: Colombia
Profession: Spartan Athletes
Favorite Blend: FitAid
Career Highlights:

3rd place finish Hawaii Spartan Ultra Beast
1st place finish Battlefrog Xtreme SD
1st place finish Epic Series SD
Top 10 finish Spartan Race stadium San Francisco
Qualified for Spartan Race world championships



We are identical twins-Margarita and Natalia- also known as las2winz. We are 27 years old, born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. At the age of 12, our parents decided to move to the USA in order for us to have a better future. We've lived in Orange County ever since. We both graduated with finance degrees from California State University-Long Beach.

Growing up we were exposed to all kinds of sports but we never pursued one in particular. We always lived an active style but we never found a sport that we absolutely loved. This all changed after we did our first spartan race beast in Temecula in 2015. From that moment on, we decided to do as many races a possible in a year. Racing became our sport of choice, the sport we want to become the best at, the sport we want to be known for. Now our focus is to train to be the best athletes we can be in OCR.

Our passion for fitness goes beyond racing. Our main goal is to motivate others to better themselves to be in the best shape of their lives. We host a bootcamp in Orange County where hundreds of people show up daily with the sole purpose of achieving a healthier lifestyle. "We thrive in seeing successful weight loss stories, where individuals who were once overweight, are now living proof that fitness positively changed their lives." Our positive attitude and constant support we provide our clients, is what motivates others to continue striving for success. We motivate people to sign up, commit and finish Spartan races all over the country. We have had great success by forming groups of 30+ people to race together as one during local Spartan races such as Temecula.

We believe in the greater good and helping as many people as possible achieve their fitness goals. We are known in the OCR community as driven and motivated ladies whose mission is to inspire others to face any adversities that come their way and fight for what they believe in.

HOW WE TRAIN: High Intensity Interval Training, CrossFit, Weight training, Running